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ITF Global Tennis Report 2021 • 11 DATA SOURCES For some Na onal Associa ons, accessing valid and reliable primary data from their own databases remains challenging. Consequently, all contribu ng Na onal Associa ons were asked to specify what sources of data they used to complete their ITF Na onal Associa on Survey. Data sources may include secondary sources such as commercial data agencies and/or data from governments or sports ministries. Where na ons were unable to use primary or secondary data sources, they were asked to provide an es mate. A NOTE ON ITF DEVELOPMENT ELIGIBILITY TIERS The eligibility of each ITF member Na onal Associa on to receive benefits from the ITF Development Programme is periodically assessed. This eligibility is based on two criteria – Resources and Representa on – developed by the ITF over me. Using these criteria, each na on is categorised in one of four ers. Tier 1 iden fies na ons that require the most development support, while Tier 4 na ons are more self-sufficient and therefore require less support. Indeed Tier 4 na ons are not eligible to access specific ITF Development projects available to other ers. More details about each er can be found in Appendix I. What we've learnt: par cipa on

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