ITF Global Tennis Report 2019: Overview

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Introduc on Welcome to the ITF Global Tennis Report 2019. We are delighted to share its findings with you and hope that you find them as fascina ng as we do. This report is a game-changer for the ITF and its member na ons. We have never collected tennis data on this scale before. This is the first me that we have been able to present such a complete picture of the worldwide tennis landscape. A core objec ve of the ITF's 2017-2020 Development Strategy is to increase par cipa on in tennis worldwide for all ages, genders, playing standards and physical abili es. We want our strategy to be data-driven and metrics-based and this report makes that possible. It is the result of greater engagement with our Na onal Associa ons and our crea on of digital tools that make it easier for na ons to tell us about tennis par cipa on in their countries. Historically, the ITF collected tennis par cipa on data from its member na ons through the Na onal Associa on Development Plan but this was limited to na ons who were receiving financial support from the ITF Development Programme. This much more ambi ous report was born when we took the Na onal Associa on Development Plan online in 2017 and asked all na ons to complete it. By the end of 2017, from the Plan and the separate Global Par cipa on Survey, we had data from 150 na ons. In 2018 we collected data via the online Na onal Associa on Development Plan again, and an unprecedented 195 na ons took part. Alongside this, the ITF has produced performance reports for each Na onal Associa on using 2017 tournament and ranking data held in our comprehensive results database. This means that we have been able to provide performance data to each na on alongside their par cipa on data, repor ng across a set of key measures. 6 • ITF Global Tennis Report 2019 by Luca San lli ITF Execu ve Director, Tennis Development

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