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2 b Line Umpires' Chairs Chairs for serviceline and baseline Umpires shall be located on an extension of their respective lines along the side fence. They shall not be elevated above the surface of the court and should be positioned no less than twelve (12) feet (3.66 metres) from the side of the court; Chairs for centre serviceline and sideline Umpires should be located in the corners at the back of the court, unless otherwise directed; Whenever the sun is a factor, Line Umpires' chairs shall be positioned so that the Line Umpires are not facing the sun; When the sun is not a factor, Line Umpires' chairs shall be positioned on the opposite side of the court from the Chair Umpire. c Net Device or Net Umpire's Chair A Net Device or a chair for the Net Umpire which shall be located at the net post on the opposite side from the Chair Umpire. d Players' Chairs Chairs for the players shall be located on each side of the Chair Umpire. e On-Court Service Water, other drinks, cups, towels and sawdust shall be available to the players during each match. f Measuring device A measuring stick, tape measure or other measuring device shall be available for the measuring of the net height and location of the singles sticks. g Handheld Device/PDA or Scorecard, Stopwatch A Handheld Device/PDA or ITF Scorecard and a Stopwatch shall be available to the Chair Umpire of each match. 8 Ensure that the back fence, banners and back walls are not painted in or otherwise have any white, yellow or other light colour that can interfere with the vision of the players. 9 Determine and notify competitors of the conditions of play (i.e. make of ball, number of balls/ball changes, type of surface, number of sets, tie- break/advantage sets, match tie-break and other items of interest), prior to the commencement of the tournament. 10 Designate in a highly visible place in a general player's area an Official Bulletin Board and notify all players of its designation and location. The daily Order of Play shall be posted on the Official Bulletin Board as soon as issued. It is the responsibility of all players to ascertain their schedules from the ITF Supervisor/Referee for each day's play. 11 Designate a visible timepiece at a fixed location as the Official Clock of the tournament and notify all players of its designation and location. Wrist, hand or pocket watches are not acceptable, unless otherwise directed. 12 Prior to making the draws obtain the Wild Cards from the Tournament Director/Committee. Consult with the Tournament Director/Committee and a Player Representative to determine: the final entry list; the ranking list to be used for seeding; any other relevant information for making the draw.

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