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1 I ITF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES FOR OFFICIALS A APPLICABILITY This Article is applicable to all events sanctioned or recognised by the ITF. Such applicability shall not affect the right of ITF sanctioned or recognised events to promulgate and enforce their own special regulations insofar as they are consistent with the principles and provisions of this Article I. B ITF SUPERVISOR/REFEREE The duties and responsibilities are described for an ITF Supervisor/Referee. In some cases this position is carried out by one approved official only. In other cases a (local) Referee with the support of the Chief Umpire handles all pre-tournament planning and assumes all duties and responsibilities for this, while the ITF Supervisor after his/her arrival will be in charge of all on-site activities, with the assistance of the Referee. In Davis Cup, Fed Cup and other team events the Referee is also the ITF Supervisor. The ITF Supervisor/Referee shall: 1 Act as final on-site authority for the interpretation of the applicable Tournament Rules and Regulations, Code of Conduct, Rules of Tennis and the Duties and Procedures for Officials as to all matters arising that require immediate resolution at the tournament site. 2 Prior to the event conduct such training sessions and meetings as may be necessary to familiarise thoroughly all officials with all applicable Rules and Procedures. 3 Appoint a Chief Umpire and ensure that his/her duties and responsibilities are performed properly. 4 Approve the assignment of all Chair Umpires and Line Umpires for matches. 5 Remove a Chair Umpire and/or remove, rotate or replace any Line Umpire or Net Umpire whenever he/she decides it is necessary to improve the officiating of a match. 6 Evaluate the performance of all Chair Umpires. 7 Ensure that each court, net, netposts and singles sticks conform to the specifications in the Rules of Tennis and that each court is equipped as follows: a Chair Umpire's Chair The Chair Umpire's Chair is recommended to be a minimum of six (6) feet (1.82 metres) and a maximum of eight (8) feet (2.44 metres) in height; The Chair Umpire's Chair shall be centred along an extension of the net approximately three (3) feet (0.9 metres) from the net post; If a microphone is to be used it must have an "on-off" switch, it must be easily adjustable and not handheld. There shall be no public broadcast microphones on the Umpire's Chair or in its general vicinity (between the baselines); For outdoor tournaments there should be a sunscreen available.

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