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160 NATIONS ACTIVELY SUPPORT THE TENNIS PLAY AND STAY CAMPAIGN and fun coaching programme for adults which uses the slower balls. More than 20 countries now have a national tennis programme for starter adults as part of their development structures and a further 37 nations are planning to implement Tennis Xpress during 2015. The development of the Tennis Play and Stay clubmark programme continued during 2014 with a pilot version initiated in seven nations. Once developed, the clubmark will be a tool for national associations to utilise and raise the minimum standards of operation within clubs. The ITF Health Benefits of Tennis taskforce was established to help better position tennis as a healthy and model sport for life. The taskforce is made up of ten leading experts from their respective medical, tennis research and coaching fields across the world. The taskforce produced an article in 2014 titled 'Health, Wellness and Cognitive Performance Benefits of Tennis' based on previously published material that has been collated related to tennis. In May 2014, the ITF established a 'Teenage Tennis Working Group' with the purpose of understanding why teenagers are dropping out of tennis and sport generally and to identify programmes that would engage and retain this audience in the sport for longer. Annual General Meeting Eighty-five member nations, comprising of 260 delegates, partners and staff, attended the ITF AGM held at the Joharah Conference Centre at the Madinat Jumeirah Resort in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 16-18 September. The AGM approved various amendments to the governance model of the ITF which take effect from the 2015 AGM, and changes to Davis Cup and Fed Cup from the beginning of 2015. They also approved 11 awards for Services to the Game. Membership During the AGM, Belarus, Kuwait and Sri Lanka's applications to increase from 1 to 3 Shares were approved. The ITF has 210 member nations, comprising 147 Class B members (shareholders) and 63 Class C (associate) members. Marketing The Game The Tennis Play and Stay campaign has continued to grow and support the national associations with the progression of their own development programmes since its launch in 2007. The 160 nations who support the campaign are continuing to spread the key messages and position tennis as Easy, Fun and Healthy. The ITF Intro to Tennis Taskforce met in August 2014 in New York, following the USTA Tennis Teachers Conference and discussed matters related to the Tennis Play and Stay campaign and the development of programmes that can help increase tennis participation worldwide. A specific survey to review the Tennis Play and Stay campaign was administered to each member national association during summer 2014 with the purpose of evaluating the impact of the campaign and to better understand the make-up of starter tennis programmes across the member nations. A total of 81 nations responded with the information used to assist the ITF to effectively support the national associations through future initiatives of the Tennis Play and Stay campaign. The ITF has continued to work with national associations and other key tennis stakeholders to ensure that competition frameworks continue to embrace the 10-and-under rule change that came into effect on 1 January 2012. A recommended structure of competition for Tennis 10s and 12-and-under players was published by the ITF Junior Taskforce in January 2014 and all national associations have been encouraged to follow these standards to better support their own competition structures. Tennis Xpress continues to be implemented around the world and is an easy, active 32 PRESIDENTIAL & COMMUNICATIONS: PRESIDENTIAL & MARKETING THE GAME PRESIDENTIAL & MARKETING THE GAME

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