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12 ITF Beach Tennis Tour Rules and Regulations 2015 Entries received after the entry deadline may be accepted at the discretion of the tournament organiser. Acceptance priority shall be given to teams that enter before the Entry Deadline. A player who appears on a Main Draw or Qualifying Acceptance List of an ITF Beach Tennis Tour event after the Withdrawal Deadline is deemed to have been accepted into and is committed to play the tournament and is liable to pay the appropriate entry fee, unless decided otherwise by the Tournament Director. Prior to the Withdrawal Deadline a player's status on the Acceptance List is not confirmed. Failure to pay the appropriate entry fee may subject the player to further penalty under the ITF Beach Tennis Tour Code of Conduct, including, but not limited to, suspension from play in all Tour tournaments. 4. One Tournament Once a player is committed to an ITF Beach Tennis Tour tournament he/she may not enter or compete in any other tournament that during the same time period except as stated in Article II: Player Entry Offences, Item 2. One Tournament in the Code of Conduct. A player may apply for entry into one or more Tour tournaments for the same time period, but he/she must withdraw from all except one (1) tournament before the withdrawal deadline for those tournaments. Players found to have been accepted into more than one tournament in the same time period shall not be permitted to compete in any tournament. Players found to have competed in two tournaments in the same time period should be immediately defaulted forfeiting all prize money and computer points (where applicable). It is the player's responsibility to manage his/her entries. 5. Player Sign-in / Registration All doubles teams must sign-in with the Referee, for both Qualifying and Main Draw, by the time stated on the factsheet. One member of a doubles team may sign- in for the team. Sign-in by telephone is accepted. 6. Administrative Error on Acceptance Lists If an administrative error occurs after the entry deadline but before the sign in, all accepted players will be allowed to sign in and a preliminary match shall be played in accordance with the following procedure, unless otherwise decided by the ITF. If too many doubles pairs are accepted into the tournament (i.e. on a tournament acceptance list) who then arrive on-site and sign-in to play the event, the last two doubles pairs on the acceptance list based on the correct updated acceptance list (excluding wild cards and qualifiers where applicable) will play for one (1) spot in the appropriate draw. Where more than one (1) doubles pair is accepted in error, a preliminary match will be played, between the required number of the last doubles pairs on the acceptance list, for each available place. In such cases, the highest ranking pairs from the last

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