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19 (ii) A Captain may vary the composition of the doubles team provided that notice of such variation is given to the Referee at least one hour before the scheduled start of play for the doubles match. (iii) If, between the change of nomination deadline and start of play in the doubles match, in the opinion of the Referee one of the players is incapacitated by illness, accident or other unavoidable hindrance, the Referee may sanction the substitution of that player, or both players of the team from among the players nominated for that Tie. (e) Before taking a decision as to the fitness of a player, the Referee must request him to undergo an examination by an independent doctor, appointed by the Referee, who is to complete the form "ITF Medical Certification", unless, in the opinion of the Referee, there is an obvious injury. (f) Any notice by a Captain under this Regulation must be given to the Referee in writing and the Referee will inform the opposing Captain as soon as practicable. (g) In case of bad weather or other unavoidable circumstances on-site the Referee can decide on new change of nomination deadlines. 37. TIE - HOW DECIDED (a) A Tie shall be decided by the combined results of Singles and Doubles, and the side which shall win the majority of matches shall be the winner of the Tie. (b) In Singles, each Team shall, subject to Regulation 36, consist of two players, who shall play each against each of the opposing team to the best of five sets. The Number One ranked player of each team shall play against the Number Two ranked player of the opposing team on the first day, and the order of play shall be decided by lot. The Number One ranked player of each team shall play the third singles match. The Number Two ranked players shall play the fourth singles match. (c) In the Doubles, each team shall consist of two players, who shall play against the opposing team the best of five sets. Unless otherwise decided by the Referee, the Doubles match must take place between the second and third singles matches. However, prior to making such a decision, the Referee must use best efforts to obtain the approval of the Executive Director. (d) The tie-break system of scoring shall operate in any set except in the fifth when an advantage set shall be played. (e) The players shall not be entitled to a rest period after the third set in any match. (f) For all ties in the World Group and Zone Groups I and II: With respect to the third day, if the third singles match is at least four sets in duration and decides the outcome of the tie, the fourth singles match will not be played, unless both teams agree otherwise. If the third singles match decides the outcome of the tie but is less than four sets in duration, the fourth singles match must be played as scheduled (to the best of three tie-break sets). For the Davis Cup Final:

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