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22 Case 1: Which ball type should be used on which court surface? Decision: 3 different types of balls are approved for play under the Rules of Tennis, however: a. Ball Type 1 (fast speed) is intended for play on slow pace court surfaces b. Ball Type 2 (medium speed) is intended for play on medium-slow, medium and medium-fast pace court surfaces c. Ball Type 3 (slow speed) is intended for play on fast pace court surfaces Note: For a two-year trial (2014-2015), in addition to the ball types specified under paragraph (b) above, the Stage 1 (Green) ball may be used for all levels of competitive play except for world ranking professional tennis events, Davis Cup and Fed Cup, Junior Tournaments and Team events sanctioned by the ITF and affiliated Regional Associations, ITF Senior Circuit and Team events and ITF Wheelchair Circuit and Team events. During this trial period each National Association shall have the right to decide which national competitive events should use the Stage 1 (Green) ball.

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