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16 RULES OF WHEELCHAIR TENNIS The game of wheelchair tennis follows the ITF Rules of Tennis with the following exceptions. a. The Two Bounce Rule The wheelchair tennis player is allowed two bounces of the ball. The player must return the ball before it bounces a third time. The second bounce can be either in or out of the court boundaries. b. The Wheelchair The wheelchair is considered part of the body and all applicable rules, which apply to a player's body, shall apply to the wheelchair. c. The Service The service shall be delivered in the following manner: i. Immediately before commencing the service, the server shall be in a stationary position. The server shall then be allowed one push before striking the ball. ii. The server shall throughout the delivery of the service not touch with any wheel, any area other than that behind the baseline within the imaginary extension of the centre mark and sideline. iii. If conventional methods for the service are physically impossible for a quad player, then the player or another individual may drop the ball for such a player and allow it to bounce before it is struck. If this is the case, the same method of serving must be used for the entire match. d. Player Loses Point A player loses a point if: i. The player fails to return the ball before it has bounced three times; or ii. Subject to rule f) below the player uses any part of his feet or lower extremities against the ground or against any wheel while delivering service, striking a ball, turning or stopping while the ball is in play; or iii. The player fails to keep one buttock in contact with his wheelchair seat when contacting the ball. e. The Wheelchair Wheelchairs used in all competitions played under the Rules of Wheelchair Tennis must comply with the following specifications: i. The wheelchair may be constructed of any material provided that such material is non-reflective and does not constitute a hindrance to the opponent.

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