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Players Representing More Than One Nation The following players have appeared in Fed Cup for more than one nation. Any player records will contain the combined number of appearances, wins and losses for both nations. Any nation records will contain the number of appearances, wins and losses for the nation in question only. Player First Nation Second Nation Anne Aallonen *Gail Benedetti (nee Sherriff) Elena Brioukhovets Cathy Caversazio *Csilla Cserepy (nee Bartos) Claire Curran *Monique di Maso Jelena Dokic Nadin Ercegovic Jarmila Gajdosova Kristin Godridge Liezel Huber Patricia Hy-Boulais Sesil Karatantcheva Danica Krstajic Karin Kschwendt *Manuela Maleeva-Fragniere Gorana Matic Natalia Medvedeva Leila Meskhi Martina Navratilova *Larisa Neiland (nee Savchenko) Finland 1985-1992 Australia 1966 Soviet Union 1991 Italy 1988-90 Hungary 1981-86 Ireland 1993-2003 France 1967-68 Serbia & Montenegro 2004 Yugoslavia 1989-91 Slovak Republic 2003 Australia 1990-91 South Africa 1998-2003 Hong Kong 1981-87 Bulgaria 2004-05 Serbia & Montenegro 2006 Luxembourg 1986-90 Bulgaria 1983-89 Yugoslavia 1990 Soviet Union 1991 Soviet Union 1989-90 Czechoslovakia 1975 Soviet Union 1983-91 Hong Kong 1999 France 1969-80 Ukraine 1994-96 Switzerland 1991 Switzerland 1990 Great Britain 2006-07 Italy 1974 Australia 1998-2000, 2009, 2012 Croatia 1992-95 Australia 2011-13 Hong Kong 2003 USA 2008-13 Canada 1991-98 Kazakhstan 2010-13 Montenegro 2007 Austria 1997 Switzerland 1991-92 Croatia 1992 Ukraine 1994-2000 Georgia 1994 USA 1982-2004 Latvia 1992-2003 Romina Oprandi Italy 2006 Switzerland 2013 *Evelyne Papale (nee Terras) France 1966 Italy 1977 Iris Riedel-Kuhn Brazil 1972 West Germany 1976-81 Anneliese Rose Trinidad & Tobago 1996-2013 Bermuda 1999 Paiao-Asinata Short New Zealand 1993 Pacific Oceania 1998-99 Min Tang China, P.R. 1988-92 Hong Kong 1997-98 *Elena Wagner (nee Pampoulova) Bulgaria 1988-92 Germany 1997-99 Patricia Walkden Rhodesia 1966-67 South Africa 1972-74 Radka Zrubakova Czechoslovakia 1988-93 Slovak Republic 1994-97 Natasha Zvereva Soviet Union 1986-91 Belarus 1994-2002 * Indicates switched nationality through marriage Note: in certain cases, when a country ceases to exist and is replaced by a new nation or nations, one of those new nations generally assumes the records of the old nation. In this case players are assumed to have continued to represent the same nation e.g. Helena Sukova played for both Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic during her Fed Cup career but this counts as representing just one nation given that Czech Republic assumed Czechoslovakia's records upon the latter's division in 1993. 2013 Fed Cup Final Media Guide | Appendices 69

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