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40 Summer 2022 ITF World The ITF has launched a series of mandatory online courses for junior players, providing vital educa on on a range of important subjects including integrity, standards of behaviour, tournament informa on and safeguarding. Any player aged 18 and under with an ac ve junior Interna onal Player Iden fica on Number (IPIN) is required to complete three mandatory courses by 25 September. From this date, players who have not completed the courses will be restricted from accessing the IPIN online system which allows them to enter or withdraw from ITF-sanc oned tournaments. The three mandatory courses are: ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors 1 – Pre-Tournament, ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors 2 – During Compe on, and An Introduc on to Values and Integrity in Tennis. Through comple ng the courses, girls and boys will achieve a sound knowledge of important on-court and off-court procedures and the key rules of the Tennis An -Corrup on Programme and Tennis An -Doping Programme. They are designed to equip players with the skills and knowledge they need to move through the ITF pathway and beyond. An updated Safeguarding course will be a fourth mandatory element from January 2024. All the mandatory courses are available in a minimum of three languages (English, Spanish and French), with new languages being added in due course. Each courses takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, with engaging content to support learning. The ITF Academy will host the courses, with free registra on available for the online educa on pla orm. This is the latest step in the ITF's player educa on programme, designed to support young players as they progress to the ITF World Tennis Tour. The programme takes a one-sport approach to junior player educa on and sees the ITF working in collabora on with the Grand Slam tournaments, ATP, WTA, Interna onal Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA), Regional Associa ons and Na onal Associa ons to provide in-person and remote educa on to players and their support teams. An in-person educa on session led by the ITF, ATP and WTA, with the support of the All England Club and the ITIA, was also held at the J300 tournament in Roehampton, London in July, and featured a guest appearance and discussion with Billie Jean King. ITF launches new online courses for juniors S U M M E R 2 0 2 3 NEWS R O U N D - U P Four countries to host ITF Masters Tour World Championships in 2024 There will be four countries staging next year's ITF World Tennis Masters Tour World Championships. Japan, Mexico, Portugal and Turkiye will each host selected age groups of the 2024 World Team Championships from 30+ to 85+, and the 2024 World Individual Championships from 30+ through to 90+. The events have previously been hosted across three na ons, but the move to four is a key part of the ITF's strategy to provide more playing opportuni es for players in more loca ons. The growth of the Masters Tour in recent years has also seen an increase in age groups, entry numbers and applica ons to host World Championship events. In 2022, a record number of more than 30,000 men and women competed on the Tour, with a record 508 tournaments on offer. The ITF's long-term vision is for Masters tennis to become the world's leading sport for tournament par cipa on among those aged over 30. Asia has been iden fied as a priority growth region for the tour from 2023 to 2026, and in line with this, Japan has been selected to host a World Championship event for the first me – the na on will stage the 45+ World Team and Individual Championships. Mexico City returns as a host for the first me since 2010, while the Portuguese loca ons of Lisbon, Oeiras and Estoril, and the Turkish resort of Manavgat, have each staged highly successful events in recent years and will return in 2024.

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