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2022 ITF Annual Review 4 WELCOME by David Haggerty, ITF President Welcome to the 2022 ITF Annual Review our goals, despite the unprecedented disrup ons of a global pandemic and global financial turmoil. I am extremely proud that the ITF has been able to maintain its programmes of work through challenging mes. Last year was, I am happy to say, a return to normal for us in many respects. Our income of $98 million exceeded pre-Covid levels and due to effec ve management and cost-efficiency, we were able to reinvest $85 million back into the sport. Our ITF2024 vision for the future of tennis is ambi ous and our work is wide-ranging and far-reaching. I'd like to pick out a few highlights from 2022 here. The ITF delivered a 45% increase in spending on interna onal tennis development, inves ng nearly $12 million during the year. This supports the work of our member na ons in increasing par cipa on and developing talented players from the grassroots up and is cri cal to our ambi on of delivering the next genera on of tennis players. The Junior Tennis Ini a ve, our global programme to introduce children aged 14 and under to the sport, was ac ve in a record-equalling 142 na ons, and involved 251,737 kids. The number of players assigned an ITF World Tennis Number rose to 1.5 million during the year, and 159 na ons have so far signed up to adopt our global level- based tennis ra ng. The ITF Academy, our online home for tennis educa on which we created in 2019, con nues to grow with more than 260,000 users in 2022. The ITF works to extend the reach of tennis to new countries around the world and there were some notable I'm pleased to introduce our 2022 ITF Annual Review and reflect on an important and successful year for us, which also points to a posi ve future for the global game. The ITF's mission is to deliver tennis for future genera ons and ensure that the sport thrives around the world. Our strategy, ITF2024, serves as our long- term plan for sustainable growth, and in the following pages you will read how it guided all aspects of our work in 2022. We also present an overview summarising our full 2022 financial report, which con nues our track record of transparency in publishing our financial performance every year. Our latest accounts show a strong recovery from the global pandemic and once again we were able to convert the vast majority of our income into reinvestment to grow tennis globally. Tennis is an ecosystem of global organisa ons that benefit the sport when they all work together. The ITF's role in that ecosystem is unique. We are commi ed to the interna onal development of the sport from playground to podium – from the grassroots and recrea onal level through to the elite professional game – and work hard with our 213 member Na onal Associa ons and affiliated Regional Associa ons to make this a reality. We are one of the 'T7' group of seven stakeholders who oversee and administer the professional game, working alongside the ATP, WTA and the four Grand Slam tournaments to deliver tennis worldwide. Our ITF2024 strategy has eight key pillars, summarised on the next page. We are in the final year of this strategy and making strong progress against Our income of $98 million exceeded pre-Covid levels and due to effec ve management and cost-efficiency, we were able to reinvest $85 million back into the sport.

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