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10 • ITF Global Tennis Report 2021 HOW PARTICIPATION DATA WAS COLLECTED  A total of 41 na ons from seven regions supplied the par cipa on data used in the ITF Global Tennis Report 2021. The full list of na ons by region can be found in Appendix A. The par cipa on data were collected directly from Na onal Associa ons via the ITF Na onal Associa on Survey 2021. This survey informed the inaugural ITF Global Tennis Report 2019 and con nues to allow the ITF to track development in the global tennis landscape. All data were collated by the ITF and analysed in partnership with a research team from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia. The 41 na ons were specifically selected to par cipate in the new survey because these na ons collec vely contributed more than 90% of the total number of tennis players, coaches and courts reported in the ITF Global Tennis Report 2019. The selec on of na ons took into account regional membership and ITF Development Eligibility Tiers. PRESENTATION OF DATA The par cipa on sec on of each Na onal Associa on report that follows this overview captures the state of tennis par cipa on in three key areas, covering 10 variables: Tennis players • Total number of players • Percentage of popula on that plays tennis • Player gender balance Access to tennis • Total number of clubs • Number of clubs per 1,000 popula on • Total number of courts • Number of courts per 1,000 popula on Tennis delivery • Total number of coaches • Number of coaches per 1,000 tennis players • Coach gender balance The rela ve change in each variable has been determined by comparing the latest data to those reported in the ITF Global Tennis Report 2019, which used data from 2018. In most cases, the latest data describes a Na onal Associa on's state of play in 2020. There are six instances where, due to 2020 data being unavailable, 2019 figures have been used, and these are detailed in the relevant Appendices. Both the latest data and 2018 data are included in the Na onal Associa on reports. For each variable, the latest data and 2018 data for each contribu ng na on have been ranked rela ve to the other na ons. Appendix B provides cumula ve distribu ons by variable for the 41 Na onal Associa ons contribu ng to the 2021 report, while Appendix C offers a regional breakdown. REVISIONS TO 2018 DATA During the process of data collec on, eight Na onal Associa ons requested updates to some of their 2018 figures. Reasons for revisions included improvements to historical data processing techniques, the iden fica on of clear errors in previously supplied data, and/or more specific measurement now being possible because of improved universal defini ons of certain variables. What we've learnt: par cipa on

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