ITF Global Tennis Report 2021

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ITF Global Report 2021 • 247 References • United Na ons, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Popula on Division (2019). World Popula on Prospects 2019, Online Edi on. Rev. 1. Available at: h ps://, accessed 17 May 2021. • Interna onal Tennis Federa on. (2019). ITF Global Tennis Report 2019. 1st ed. Interna onal Tennis Federa on, Ltd. Available at: h ps://www.i on/publica ons-and- resources/publica ons/ Credits Words Olivia Cant, Dr Miguel Crespo, Tim Jones, Luca San lli Edi ng Joanne Burnham Photography Hedeson Alves, Ge y Images, Bildbyran, Carlos Borbon/PME Images, Angel Cas llo/Jam Media, Corinne Dubreuil/FFT, Jorge Ferrari, Imagellan, Sergey Kivrin, Daniel Kopatsch, Kopatsch/Sato/Sidorjak, Henk Koster, Sergio Llamera, Hiromasa Mano, Susan Mullane, Adam Nurkiewicz, Arigi Obiero, Hiroshi Sato, Mar n Sidorjak, SMP Images, Srdjan Stevanovic, Tennis Australia, USTA, Arata Yamaoka, Zhang Yunke, Ji Zhe, Paul Zimmer. DesignandProduc on Ingenious Design Ltd © Interna onal Tennis Federa on, Ltd, 2021 ISBN: 978-1-908799-48-7 Addi onal informa on Addi onal informa on

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