ITF Global Tennis Report 2019: Overview

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18 • ITF Global Tennis Report 2019 TOTAL NUMBER OF TENNIS COACHES The number of tennis coaches who are Na onal Associa on-qualified or equivalent in their country. • There are 163,548 tennis coaches working globally, with more than 90% of these coaches located in 30 na ons. See Fig 13 • 65% of tennis coaches are from Europe. See Fig 14 See Appendix A page 460 for the cumula ve total distribu ons for total tennis coaches. RATIO OF TOTAL TENNIS PLAYING POPULATION TO TOTAL TENNIS COACHES Using each na on's tennis coach numbers, we calculated the number of tennis coaches rela ve to a na on's tennis-playing popula on. Results are shown per 1,000 tennis players. • For every tennis coach globally, there are 534 tennis players. • Africa ranked as the region with the highest propor on of coaches rela ve to tennis players (29 coaches for every 1,000 players or 35 players to every tennis coach). • South America and Europe have similar ra os of tennis coaches to tennis players (approxima vely 4 per 1,000). See Fig 15 and 16 TENNIS COACH GENDER BALANCE To assess gender balance, we calculated the percentage of a na on's tennis coaches that are female. This was only calculated if a na on was able to provide a breakdown of male and female coaches. • 21.4% of the world's tennis coaches are female. • North America has the highest percentage of female coaches with 28.7%. See Fig 17 The global landscape for tennis delivery Fig 14. Tennis coaches globally by region (%) Africa 1.6 Asia 15.0 Central America & Caribbean 1.3 Europe 65.0 North America 6.5 Oceania 1.9 South America 8.8

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