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16 • ITF Global Tennis Report 2019 The global landscape for access to tennis con nued TOTAL NUMBER OF TENNIS COURTS The number of tennis courts in existence around the world, both indoor and outdoor. • There are 489,135 tennis courts globally, with more than 95% of tennis courts found in 37 na ons. See Fig 9 See Appendix A page 453 for the cumula ve total distribu ons for total tennis courts. • Over 90% of tennis courts globally are in 3 regions: Europe, Asia and North America. See Fig 10 RATIO OF WORLD'S POPULATION TO TOTAL TENNIS COURTS Using each na on's tennis court numbers, we calculated the total number of tennis courts rela ve to a na on's popula on (using United Na ons popula on data from 2017). Results are shown per 1,000 popula on. • There are 14,807 people or 178 players for every tennis court in the world. • The Oceania region has the highest propor on of tennis courts rela ve to its popula on (0.6 courts per 1,000 people or 1,692 people per court). • Asia and South America have very similar popula on to tennis court ra os - approximately 33,000 people per court. See Fig 11 and 12

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