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12 • ITF Global Tennis Report 2019 The global tennis-playing landscape TOTAL TENNIS PLAYER POPULATION Na onal Associa ons provided us with a figure for the number of known unique tennis players that they considered to have played tennis on at least one occasion. These individuals were a combina on of licensed players, club members and tournament players. Data on each of these players was required to come from either a primary source (par cipa on data from the Na onal Associa on), secondary source (other official sources for par cipa on data in the country, ie, from government data, independent reports), or an es mate. • There are over 87 million tennis players globally, with 99% of the world's playing popula on coming from 31 na ons. See Appendix A page 441 for the cumula ve total distribu ons for total tennis players. See Fig 1 • By con nent, Asia has the most tennis players (>33 million), contribu ng 37.9% of the world's tennis popula on. • Over 92% of the playing popula on globally is from 3 regions: North America, Europe and Asia. See Fig 2 PERCENTAGE OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION THAT PLAYS TENNIS Using each na on's tennis player numbers, we calculated tennis players as a percentage of their na on's popula on (using United Na ons popula on data from 2017). • 1.17% of the world's popula on plays tennis. • The Oceania region has the highest percentage of its popula on playing tennis (6.2%). See Appendix B page 467 for the global popula on by na on and for global popula on by region. See Fig 3 TENNIS PLAYER GENDER BALANCE The percentage of a na on's tennis-playing popula on which is female. This was only calculated if a na on was able to provide a breakdown of male and female players. • 46.9% of the sport's playing popula on is female, with North America being the only region that has more females than males playing (54.5%). • Africa, Central America & Caribbean and Oceania have a similar percentage of female players – between 33.7% and 38.3%. • Tier 4 na ons have the highest and most gender- balanced playing popula ons. See page 10 and Appendix H page 561 for more detail about ITF Development Eligibility Tiers. See Fig 4

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